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How to get back on track after Ramadan

The three most crucial aspects of your daily routine that are affected by Ramadan are hydration, sleep and your diet. During Ramadan, we have created a new routine for our bodies that it has gotten used to. To shift directly to your pr...



Best time to workout in Ramadan

Whether it's to lose weight or maintain your weight, working out in Ramadan is tough and has its challenges. One of the biggest debates in Ramadan is whether to workout prior to Iftar or after it. Generally working out earlier in the d...



How to burn the most fat while running?

Whether it's running outdoors or on the treadmill, with music or with a tv show in front of you, running is one of the greatest yet simplest workouts. There's no doubt that running burns fat however with a few tweaks you can burn even...



Tone your abs from the couch

If you’re having a lazy day, that doesn't mean you can't tone your abs! There is so much that you can do while laying on the couch watching your favorite shows. We’re going to provide you with a full abs workout that you can do to star...