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NoElite is an energy producer in general
Nucleic acid is mainly composed of several amino acids and vitamins such as arginine, taurine, beta alinine, keratine and caffeine.

Arginine is an amino acid and one of its functions is the expansion of the arteries. Caffeine increases the blood flow and raises blood pressure. It increases the blood circulation of the muscles, and all the blood is sold by being loaded with the necessary nutrients for muscle building and energy, so you increase your performance during the exercise.

As for the taurine, there are many benefits for the body, the most important one is the increase in the ability of the body to concentrate and mental alertness, as well as increase the muscle capacity to absorb water and mineral salts, and following are very important during the exercise.

For beta-alenine and keratine, it is scientifically proven that they increase the body's ability to withstand physical exertion and increase the ability of the body to produce energy, which means that you will continue to exercise for a longer period and in addition to maintain your energy level during exercise to the maximum extent.

How to use :
Take a minute before exercising for half an hour on an almost empty stomach.

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