Burn calories at your desk

So many of us spend most of their day at a desk without even realizing it. With the increase of online meetings and conferences, the number of hours per day is just increasing. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can burn calories at your desk! Try to implement as many as you can into your daily routine and the results won't disappoint.

Create your own home gym for less than 50 JOD

We’re going to share with you some items and tips that will make working out at home that much better!

Things you need to do to prevent breast cancer

There are many ways to reduce risk of breast cancer naturally that include some small changes to our everyday lives in order to be more physically active, maintain your weight and eat well.

Covid Home Workout Challenge

This year has truly shown us that we can do so many things from the comfort of our own home. Home workouts have become the new way to workout in 2020. Since Jordan has been imposing a full 48 hour weekend quarantine, we wanna help you stay active with a lower body workout that you can do in your living room or even on your couch. Let's start this covid home workout challenge!

Why you should switch to healthy snacks now

Everyone loves to snack, whether it's while you're working or watching a movie or simply something to grab on your way out. Problem is, so many snacks are unhealthy and have low nutritional value but it doesn't have to be like that! You simply need to choose the right snacks, ones that are healthy and have high nutritional value! This change will contribute big time on your health and on your workout plan!

Why use push up handles

For starters, push ups work your full body, improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, we could go on and on as push up exercise benefits are countless. The effects of push ups on body are outstanding but it's all about the proper form! Push up handles or as some call them, push up bars or grips, help you with your form and have several other benefits as a result. Here are some push up handles benefits;

How can pilates changes your body

Pilates is the perfect workout that is suitable for all levels and doesn’t require any degree of flexibility. With 2-3 pilates workouts a week, you will already be able to see its impact after 2-3 weeks. Pilates in Amman is becoming increasingly popular as well so you can easily join any pilates class!. It can change your body in more ways than you think;

Why you should do more Hula Hoop workouts

Hula hoop workouts are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a fun way to get fit. Not only will you get moving, burn lots of fat but you will have tons of fun while you’re at it! All you need is a hula hoop. If how much fun you’re going to have didn’t get you all excited to start right now , then here out the hula hooping workout benefits!

Benefits of using resistance bands during exercise

Whether it's a home workout or a gym workout, resistance bands are the way to go. It can be considered an alternative to free weights but it definitely has some undeniable fitness benefits.

Best ways to get 6 pack abs fast

It doesn't come as a surprise that six pack abs is a goal shared by many. You can either want it to improve your fitness level or to look amazing in your swimsuit. The question on everybody’s mind is though, how do you get 6 pack abs? And how can we get them fast?

6 Simple Rules Of Getting And Staying In Good Shape

Whether you are trying to get in shape or simply just stay in shape to maintain your weight loss, you can’t just about life like the old days. It takes determination and a good amount of hard work to do that, you’ll eventually feel like your better lifestyle is your new norm and part of your daily routine. Slacking on a lot of things you used to do while on a diet, will let you gain that weight again and easily. Here are a few simple things you can do to get in shape in no time:

Lose Belly Fat Fast With 4 Simple Tricks

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat is getting rid of all our problems, right? We’re all on the same boat, and always trying to come up with effective solutions for this problematic part of our lives. There are so many factors as to why your belly fat is getting in the way of your desired physique, so here are a few ways you can reduce it dramatically:

What Is Slowing Down Your Metabolism?

Theories may vary on different weight loss approaches, and how your metabolism can be enhanced. You may already know that the faster your metabolism functions, the better your weight loss results are. There are so many ways to naturally boost your metabolism other than metabolism boosting vitamins, but you need to first know about what’s slowing it down:

Daily Activities That You Never Knew Burned Calories!

If you’re feeling guilty about that burger you devoured for dinner, don’t beat yourself up; because daily activities that your body undergoes burn more calories than you think so not the entirety of those guilty pleasures sit in places where they don’t belong. Now if you plan on losing weight any time soon that does not necessarily mean you should completely rule out hitting the gym. Luckily, our bodies work way harder than we think on a daily basis just by doing what we normally do, and that is why when you eat less than you do you’re likely to lose weight because your body is burning calories throughout the day. Here are some of the ways your body burns calories everyday that you did not know about:

If You’re A Foodie, The DASH Diet Is Designed For Your Weight Loss!

If we had a penny every time we said “I’ll start tomorrow” right? Well you can put that statement aside as of immediately, because you can start the DASH diet right away! This one is for all the food lovers who don’t believe that they need to be hungry in order to shed a bunch of kilos. The DASH diet is a smartly designed and effective diet for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle overall that leaves zero to no room for midnight cravings that we all know so well.