Why you should do more Hula Hoop workouts

Hula hoop workouts are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a fun way to get fit. Not only will you get moving, burn lots of fat but you will have tons of fun while you’re at it! All you need is a hula hoop. If how much fun you’re going to have didn’t get you all excited to start right now , then here out the hula hooping workout benefits!

Benefits of using resistance bands during exercise

Whether it's a home workout or a gym workout, resistance bands are the way to go. It can be considered an alternative to free weights but it definitely has some undeniable fitness benefits.

Best ways to get 6 pack abs fast

It doesn't come as a surprise that six pack abs is a goal shared by many. You can either want it to improve your fitness level or to look amazing in your swimsuit. The question on everybody’s mind is though, how do you get 6 pack abs? And how can we get them fast?

6 Simple Rules Of Getting And Staying In Good Shape

Whether you are trying to get in shape or simply just stay in shape to maintain your weight loss, you can’t just about life like the old days. It takes determination and a good amount of hard work to do that, you’ll eventually feel like your better lifestyle is your new norm and part of your daily routine. Slacking on a lot of things you used to do while on a diet, will let you gain that weight again and easily. Here are a few simple things you can do to get in shape in no time:

Lose Belly Fat Fast With 4 Simple Tricks

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat is getting rid of all our problems, right? We’re all on the same boat, and always trying to come up with effective solutions for this problematic part of our lives. There are so many factors as to why your belly fat is getting in the way of your desired physique, so here are a few ways you can reduce it dramatically:

What Is Slowing Down Your Metabolism?

Theories may vary on different weight loss approaches, and how your metabolism can be enhanced. You may already know that the faster your metabolism functions, the better your weight loss results are. There are so many ways to naturally boost your metabolism other than metabolism boosting vitamins, but you need to first know about what’s slowing it down:

Daily Activities That You Never Knew Burned Calories!

If you’re feeling guilty about that burger you devoured for dinner, don’t beat yourself up; because daily activities that your body undergoes burn more calories than you think so not the entirety of those guilty pleasures sit in places where they don’t belong. Now if you plan on losing weight any time soon that does not necessarily mean you should completely rule out hitting the gym. Luckily, our bodies work way harder than we think on a daily basis just by doing what we normally do, and that is why when you eat less than you do you’re likely to lose weight because your body is burning calories throughout the day. Here are some of the ways your body burns calories everyday that you did not know about:

If You’re A Foodie, The DASH Diet Is Designed For Your Weight Loss!

If we had a penny every time we said “I’ll start tomorrow” right? Well you can put that statement aside as of immediately, because you can start the DASH diet right away! This one is for all the food lovers who don’t believe that they need to be hungry in order to shed a bunch of kilos. The DASH diet is a smartly designed and effective diet for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle overall that leaves zero to no room for midnight cravings that we all know so well.

An Exercise Ball Can Transform Your Entire Body, Here’s How:

Exercise balls are not only fun to bounce around on, but they also can be effectively incorporated in your workout routines targeting weight loss - helping you reach your body goals faster and more efficiently. For old time’s sake, let’s first talk history; exercise balls, otherwise known as Swiss balls, were created by a plastics manufacturer from Italy in the early 60s intended for the purpose of physical therapy for babies. It was then explored in Switzerland for people who suffer from medical conditions. Now, these balls are used for improving athleticism after discovering the Swiss ball benefits, and for - everybody’s favorite topic, weight loss! Here’s how these exercise balls can help you get body goals:

Yoga Practice Treats Anxiety And Depression, Here’s How:

Your mental wellbeing is very important, and that shouldn’t be news to you. We’ve all seen yogis on Instagram and their philosophies on life, and at times may have thought they were exaggerated or that the entire practice is overrated. Yoga helps your mental health in every way, boosts your mood and relaxation, and treats the most common mental issues amongst millennials - depression and anxiety. Whether you need yoga or you think you don’t, you won’t be able to leave this reading without signing up for a class or buying yourself a yoga mat to practice in the comfort of your own home; we have great options for yoga mats and blocks in our store that you can check out.

Before, During And After Your Workout, What Should You Eat?

The proper nutrition is especially essential for those who exercise, and the internet is filled with theories and different opinions on what really needs to be done. We’re here to set the record straight, with clinical based information - as nutrition greatly varies with the type of workout you’re doing, the duration of the workout and your fitness goals.

How Nuts Can Help You Achieve Your Body Goals

What everybody knows about nuts is that they for one are delicious, but also extremely therapeutic to munch on. If you’re a nuts lover and on a healthy lifestyle, then this reading is for you. What you might not know about nuts is that they actually can help boost your metabolism which in return will help you burn fat and lose weight, especially in the belly area. While you’re here, grab a bowl of nuts because we’re about to break some truths on how nuts can help you get those body goals:

Why You Need To Start Boxing ASAP

Boxing has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years, and for good reason. Whether it is weight loss you’re after or muscle development, you can literally achieve anything you want off your body just from boxing. We’ve heard a lot of people adopting boxing as part of their lifestyles with most gyms in Amman offering it in many forms, and at many places where you can be learning professional boxing and nobody ever regrets it! Here is why we think you should be the next one talking about it:

5 Myths About Healthy Living Finally Set Straight

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but maintaining it can be even more difficult if you make a few wrong decisions that were not advised by a professional. There are a lot of things we tend to do merely based by things we read on the internet or solely base them on someone else’s experiences. We sat with Faten Abu Hasna, a specialist in clinical and sportsmen nutrition in Amman, Jordan who set the record straight on topics regarding leading a healthy lifestyle.

Foods That Make You Happy And Improve Your Mood

We are all familiar with dopamine when it is related to exercise, but not so much when it comes to food. If you were ever wondering how someone could possibly be addicted to going to the gym, it is because they’re keen on getting their daily dopamine fix. Dopamine is basically a happy hormone, that your body releases through utmost exhaustion while working out - and when you start feeling it regularly, there is no going back and you won’t ever imagine yourself without it! Good news ladies and gents, because that happy pill we give ourselves can be also done through eating certain foods, and we’re not talking about everybody’s favorite junk food therapy, there are healthy alternatives high in tyrosine which is the amino acid that aids in the production of dopamine. Here are 4 foods that can boost your dopamine and hence make you oh so happy: